24 Jun 2019

Partner Dan Evans considers the options open to tenants if they want to leave their lease before the end of the contractual period.  

What is an LPA – and do I really need one?

13 Jun 2019

Partner Michelle Collins explains why we should all have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place...

Looking to rent your first commercial premises? Read on...

13 Jun 2019

Juliet Farrington-Breeze, a Trainee Solicitor in our commercial property department, answers common questions about renting commercial premises.

Answering questions around intestacy

12 Jun 2019

Partner Michelle Collins answers some questions around the subject of intestacy (if you die without a Will).

Coming full circle - the death of Section 21 Notices?

12 Jun 2019

Senior Solicitor Gary Leverett considers the government's proposal to abolish the Section 21 Notice procedure.

Commercial leases and rights to renew

04 Jun 2019

Partner Caroline Linsdell considers the rights to renew on commercial leases.

Deputyship Orders

16 May 2019

Paige George, an executive in our private client department, answers some questions about 'Deputyship' Orders...

What is collaborative law?

15 May 2019

Our Senior Partner, Jane Anderson, explains the benefits of the collaborative process in family law...

The Tenant Fees Act - effective 1 June 2019

13 May 2019

Gary Leverett, a Senior Solicitor in our Disputes team, looks at the Tenant Fees Act which initially comes into Effect on 1 June this year...

Buying a home - the process

13 May 2019

The whole process of buying a property is known as 'conveyancing'. For most of us this purchase is the most important legal transaction - and the largest financial commitment - of our lives. It is also potentially one of the most stressful experiences you can have, so it makes sense to ensure you have experienced legal advice on your side.​


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